T-n-D of Pittsburgh, Inc.

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

We work with the best contractors and owners in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area to schedule same or next day foundation waterproofing. Our spray applied system creates a guaranteed dry basement that can easily increase living space or protect your investment against water damage for years to come.

As concrete settles, cracks naturally form in the foundation wall. TUFF-N-DRI is specially formulated to span these cracks, sealing against water leaks and keeping water out of basements.

Polymer-Enhanced Asphalt TUFF-N-DRI membrane elongates to span concrete shrinkage cracks. Water pressure can build up on the outside of basement walls during a rain storm. This means that even over cracks TUFF-N-DRI is protecting basement walls and keeping water out while competitive membrane fails at as little as 12 in. of water pressure.


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